Let us be a part of your startup journey!

We make founders pitch ready.

We identified gaps wherein Startup founders would many a times build a business plan or solution but found difficulty in pitching it well to the investors/mentors hence, facing a lot of rejections leading to not raising funds.

To bridge this gap Easy To Pitch was launched in 2017. It is a one stop pitching solution for startups making founders pitch ready to ensure reducing the chances of rejections.

The Team

Priyanka Madnani

Founder & CEO

She is a Mentor of Change at AIM, NITI Aayog. Recognized with Indian Women Excellence and Leadership Award 2019 in E Commerce also, Recognized with Women Excellence Award for Easy To Pitch in March 2020 at National Brand and Marketing Summit. She mentors founders to be pitch ready. She was among the top 30 Women Entrepreneurs to be Incubated by WEE foundation at IIT Delhi.

Nikhil Parmar

Founder & CFO

Nikhil is a strategy and finance expert, post graduated from IIM Udaipur. He is also an angel investor and has invested in startups like Fitspire. He is always most concerned about the value proposition and ensures that the startup is ready enough with all the questions an investor would ask.