How to create a pitch deck for investors?

For every startup founder raising funds has been the one of the most important and tedious thing for them. Be it the Idea stage or the MPV stage or any other stage.

If you're reading this, you are probably in the process of pitching investors to raise money for your start-up.

In this article we are going to delve into how to create a pitch deck for investors, with special attention to the pitch deck design. There is a pretty standardized pitch deck outline that most presentations follow, but we need to understand the importance of every aspect and how to make our pitch deck most impressive.

Pretty much every pitch deck follows a structure and story line. This is where you present your case, your problem premise, and your proposed solution. This is a critical part of your pitch because it will determine if you can capture an investors attention for the rest of the presentation. If you managed to catch their attention in the first minute or so, now it's time to prove why are you are going to make them reach.

One of the major way  to grasp the attention  of the investor is the  presentation that is being used to support the idea. The designing of the pitch deck should be kept simple and professional. The content of the pitch deck should be limited and direct. Beating around the bush won't help you to impress the investor, the pitch deck should be designed in such a manner that in limited time the investor can understand the majority of the idea.

While making the presentation there should be  not more than 12 slides that should be inserted. There are several of templates that are available online but these templates do not create the impact that an original work can, so always remember using templates might feel like a shortcut but a shortcut cannot take the idea a long way.

Remember when you prepare for the pitch deck, the financials that you present in your presentation have to be extremely appropriate because that is the major part at which investors are going to focus. The financials should include basic expense that is going to be incurred as well as basic revenue that will be generated later on. Special attention should be paid towards the monetary part  because ultimately an investor will invest only in a project where they feel it will be  profitable in future.

During a pitch the story line  is extremely important to impress the investors  and generate funding. To accomplish  this  you need to align your presentation with the story line. In the storytelling arch of your presentation the transaction is the climax of your story.  If you have revenue, and it's growing, that should be the only highlighted on this slide. If you don't have any sales, you might want to reconsider pitching investors, as it's tough to raise money without income. If you must, then talk about user growth, monthly and weekly active users but nothing is impossible.

Always remember to present your pitch deck with full confidence in your Idea and try and align your presentation with a proper story line to capture the interest of the investors till the end. Remember that no investor will only invest in an idea because they like you or your team for your product but they will invest as they believe in your team led by your vision that can generate a great market opportunity making the company sizable and will give them a significant return on their investment.