Startup Guide by Easy to pitch presents!

Preparing for the big day?  

Demo day isn't just a day where you associate with potential investors and show off your pitch decks, but also a day to celebrate all the hard work done by your team.  

Since everyone’s primarily stressed on this one day, we have some expert tips that could ease those burdened shoulders! 


Here’s 5 tips to make it BIG on your demo day!  


  • Set Clear Objectives  

    As a founder be crystal clear of “what you really want”. Do you just want an investor or you want to find The Investor?  While most of us might think that Demo Day is a one-way process, we are highly mistaken. 

An investor is as enthusiastic as a startup on the demo day. You must realize what your idea’s worth, what your intentions are for your company, and how you wish to present your pitch.  

Most of all, be sure while choosing investors, it's highly imperative that you and your potential investor share the same industry values and ambitions. On the demo day make sure to Interface with the press and share updates on social media. Whatever your objectives are, prepare to ensure that you hit them.  

  • You are the magic you wish for! 

        If you're thinking that you come unprepared for your demo day and some magic can lead you to getting a great investor, you are wrong!  Although superstition is not really my area of expertise, I strongly believe that you have everything that it takes! 

Your pitch is your weapon! Never undermine the potential of a great pitch. Make sure that your pitch clearly defines who you are, your aim and your vision for your startup, deliver your pitch slowly. 

Tone and pace of your speech are like bullets to your gun, make sure that you sound optimistic and confident, deliver your speech in slow pace so that your audience can catch up with what you're saying! And lastly, keep your pitch as precise as you can. 


  • Hit the USP! (Unique Selling Point) 

         Got something unique to sell? Something innovative?  Say it out loud!  

Unique selling point or USP is the essence of what makes your services and products standout from your competitors in the market and also helps you immensely to get noticed by potential investors on your demo day.  

Use your USP on your digital media platforms and SEO marketing in order to attract the right audience towards your business. Make sure to test your USP by AB testing, be innovative while marketing your USP. 


  • Be a Media Buzz 

      Be the buzz, own social media and the press. Don’t hesitate to make it big, make sure to identify vital reporters and journalists on your demo day and reach out to them beforehand. Take out time to explain them about your company, its visions, your USP and your objectives.  

Explain your startup’s background and your roadmap for your business. Post on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family to actively participate on your online posts. 

  • Interact with Investors 

     Most organizations emerging from TechStars and different accelerators hope to raise finances. Demo day is an incredible spot to interface with financial backers, especially angel investors. Identify relevant investors beforehand, reach out to them and pitch them your idea personally.  

Note: Keep your serotonin balanced and stay hydrated! Demo days can get a little overwhelming but make sure that you balance your thought process and focus. 


All the best!  

From Priyanka Madnani (CEO and CO-Founder, Easy to pitch) 

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