Key Takeaways from Startup Funding 101 Webinar

  • How can you as a founder take the authority of your own company- Starting a business requires a lot of work. The amount of documentation, legal requirements, and strategic development can simply be overwhelming. But without putting in the effort, you’ll struggle to turn your idea into a successful business. Why do you want to start a business? Is it money, freedom, and flexibility, to solve a problem or some other reason? You need to plan, set goals, and above all, know yourself.


  • What stage of a startup are you at, and what are the next steps a founder should follow to expand their business- your stage evaluation is highly vital since it notifies you about your current situation and helps you accurately plan the roadmap for your business to achieve your objectives. From mere a concept to research to refinement, scaling and finally become established.

  • What are incubators and accelerators, and how are they different from each other- A startup accelerator is an institution that promotes mentorship, capital, and connections to investors and business partners. It’s customized for select startups with promising MVPs and founders, as a way to rapidly scale growth. On the other hand, Business incubators are specially designed programs to help young startups innovate and grow. They usually provide workspaces, mentorship, education, and access to investors for startups or sole entrepreneurs.


  • Idea Validation -Idea validation or idea assessment is done through various angles such as validating demands, pain points, etc. This process helps you evaluate whether your idea is worth implementing or not. It’s a vital process since founders spend not just time but money on it, it’s a decision that can make or break your startup. With the help of professional experts, our team can accurately evaluate whether your idea is good to go or not, without wasting time.  


  • Evaluate a proper Roadmap for your Startup business - A business roadmap is a long-term strategic document that shows where your company is going and the steps required to get there.