Investment Decks

Pitch Deck plays a vital role when you pitch to investors as it acts as a supporting factor that can help investors visualize about the startup story and where it is now!
Our team of experts not only focus on design but also on

  • Startup Story

  • Market Validation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Financial Projections

We work on the Draft Model delivering final deck in the third draft after all the necessary customization in the time span of 15 to 20 working days.
Payment Process: We work on advance mode process of payment and deliver the editable deck once the final draft is approved.

  • Draft 1: Content Flow or the story line of the deck.
  • Draft 2: Team works on the Market Analysis and the Financial Projections. Hence, the draft contains the final content.
    P.S. We do not give templates.
  • Draft 3: This is the time when we deliver the final designed deck.

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