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Investment Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is not just an another presentation. It is what tells the story of your startup to any investor. We build pitch decks from scratch to ensure the rejection chances reduces.

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Financial Projections

The most unanswerable question to all founders is ” What are the valuations or the financial projection after you take funds?” . We help to ensure you can answer these by working of your Finances.

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Review Pitch Deck

If you think you and your have worked well on your pitch deck, you can always get it validated by us and give feedback. Don’t worry we sign NDAs as well to keep ensurity of privacy and the confidentiality. 

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In order to motivate more and more budding entrepreneurs, we will be happy to help studentpreneurs to make them ready to pitch their ideas to masses and show them the right path in their early steps in ecosystem.

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We provide mentoring sessions and workshops for startup founders to make them understand how to prepare for their next pitch to investors. We also take sessions for demo pitches.

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Get a Connection

To enable ecosystem we help startup founders to find  a right connect from our network across the globe. Reach us if you are seeking any of them taht can solve your challenges.

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Yes we have video channels too, this one is on tiktok and instagram  by our founder. You can follow on @startuptok  to listen to various hacks of pitching to investors and learn the right way of pitching in detail.

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Your Startup Story

This is our another channel were we record the stories and journey of various successful and failed founders who share about the various challenges they have faced in their startuplife so far.

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Startup Events

We keep you updated with all the startup meetups and events happening around in India.
You have to just follow are channels for the same.

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 50 Hours to Fundraise : Demo Day

The first cohort of Easy To Pitch concluded with its participants pitching in front of a pool of investors.

The cohort, ’50 Hours to Fundraise’ was formulated to make the founders pitch-ready, with mentor sessions chalked up to help them understand the essentials of pitching, with a focus on Dos and Don’ts in front of the investors.

The startups that pitched on the demo day were Ingenium Education, CanceRX, AS Technolutions Pvt. Ltd., House of Amigos, pupkart.com and TrucksBuses.com



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